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How to Hike With the Whole Family

How to Take a Hiking Trip with the Family Plan a family hiking trip as the warm weather approaches and the longer days allow you to get those little ones outside to enjoy some fresh air and expend some of that boundless energy

Plan a family hiking trip as the warm weather approaches and the longer days allow you to get those little ones outside to enjoy some fresh air and expend some of that boundless energy. One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors is a hike. This may seem like a daunting task to get the whole family involved, however if you keep reading this how to guide: hiking with the family, you will be more than ready to take on the challenge and have a great time.

First things first, you have to dress for success. This means layering, you should always check out the forecast including the top of the mountain temperature and winds. The difference in temperature between the base and the top of the mountain can be quite varied. While it might be the height of summer at the base, you may need a light jacket at the top and there may even be some snow at the top. It can always be a bit unpredictable so being ready for weather is key. Beginning with the pants layer, a good way to start for your girls is the North Face On Mountain Leggings, which is available in a variety of color options. These classic leggings feature FlashDry technology that ensure they will stay dry with its moisture wicking features. If you plan to go on a day that may be a bit chilly, the warmer option and a great one would be North Face’s Winter Warm Legging that can be used practically year round. For your boys, a great short is the perfect option, and some brands who carry amazing outdoor options include RVCA, Munster Kids, Converse, and many more. The North Face Athletic Boys Shorts are versatile options that are perfect for hiking but they can also wear them to school or playing sports with friends. 

As for tops, this is where you can play around with layers. The North Face’s Never Stop Kids Shirt in any of the fun designs is the perfect place to start. This classic fit tee is breathable and works for outdoor play or sports as well. To layer on top of this tee on a colder day, the RVCA Boys Pullover is a great comfortable option. Any breathable tee shirt is an amazing option paired with North Face’s Glacier Full Zip Hoodie to keep her nice and warm while enjoying that view from the mountain summit.

Now where might you find these views? A super fun activity with the kids is Letterboxing. It is a fun scavenger hunt for the whole family, and they are in just about any area on light day hikes.  All you do is choose your state, area of interest, and pick! From there, you will be given specific directions to find the box. It may be hidden in a tree, a bridge or along the trail and it is up to you to find it. Make sure to bring a fun little token that represents your family to leave in the box and have the kids sign it. This makes the hike a full, fun family adventure

So, start planning your family hiking trip this Spring and your adventure on the mountain trails. Always remember to take your trash off the mountain with you and bring plenty of water and snacks to enjoy along the way!


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