Kids and Baby Curated Box Service Options

Option 1: Subscription Service

Kids Clothes Subscription and On-Demand Shopping Service

Make shopping for the kids easier with our Subscription Box and On-Demand Shopping Service

  • We offer a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual subscription box service and will automatically send a selection of curated items and outfits based on the frequency, number, clothing types, brands, budget, etc. that you designate.

  • Subscribers can contact our dedicated on-demand shopping staff with requests for clothing items, i.e., a cool boys sweater for a 5 year old or a classic baby coat for a baby gift. We will make a selection and ship out all items within one business day.

  • Stylists are available via videoconference to preview any selection with members before shipping, if requested.

  • All items purchased through our subscription box program are returnable per our return policy.

  • Please fill out the questionnaire below to start your service.

Option 2: Just For You Box Service

  • Save some time and allow us to curate a unique selection of kids clothes just for your child based on your budget and requirements. The selection will be based on the size that you select and may vary slightly depending on the fit for each brand. Each box will include an assortment that totals the budget that you select.

  • All items are returnable per our standard returns policy.

  • If you have any comments or particular preferences, please leave them in the Notes section during the checkout process.