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Find boys clothes, boys pants and other kids clothes for every occasion, from school to special events and sport activities. Choose from a wide selection of cool kids clothes and accessories for kids, from classic button-down shirts to colorful graphic t-shirts, pants and contemporary boys jackets and outerwear from a wide variety of premium kids clothes brands.

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What size should I get for my child?

Here are some basic parameters about kids sizing. Generally, kids clothes sizing is based on the age of the child at average height and weight. If you child is taller than average, we do recommend sizing up and even if your child is very thin, we also recommend sizing up for taller kids. We do recommend sizing up for cotton items and coats and staying at your size for swimsuits, special event and occasion wear. Brands also differ in terms of sizing and some brands only offer sizes that are even-numbered. In that case, we recommend that you size up to the next size.

What about growth spurts?

Kids do have growth spurts, especially during the tween years, so we generally recommend sizing up so that your child can wear the clothes for more than one season. For 100% cotton items such as t-shirts and leggings, please take into account how cotton fabrics may shrink in the wash after we toss them in the wash and dryer. For coats and outerwear, you should factor in and account for bulky sweaters and layers underneath. Take a look at your child's sleeve length and although your child may be able to wear the jacket, the cuff may rise above the wrist and in that case, the jacket is too small.

For kids swimsuits, we recommend staying at your size. Once the swimsuits hit the water, if the fit is too big, the swimsuit will sag at the bottom. So, to avoid this, try to stay at your kidssize. A tighter swimsuit fit is generally better for your child than a saggy swimsuit fit.

What if my child is in between sizes?

If your child is in between sizes, we generally recommend sizing up to the next size because the smaller size might be too short even if the waist is just right. Your child will grow into the next size in no time at all. If you are unsure about sizing and fit, please contact us at or call us at 617-744-8548. We are happy to provide sizing and fit guidance.

Kids Weight, Height and Baby Clothes Size Chart