Family fishing trip

Outdoors Family Activity: Get Your Kids "Hooked" on Fishing!

Fishing Trip

Ask anyone how they got into fishing and you are guaranteed to get an answer like, “I’ve been doing it since I can remember” or “my dad would always take me out when I was little” or “my grandparents got me a spiderman rod when I was 5.” Just like walking, talking or riding a bike, kids who start learning how to fish when they are young will stick with it. The beauty of fishing is that you can take them out as soon as they can hold a rod with something on the other end.

Once you have picked a time and a place for your kids’ first trip, get them excited about it! They have no idea how much fun they are about to have, and it is your job to let them know. Anything you can do to make their trip feel like a special occasion will help their odds of getting hooked. You can sweeten the pot by taking them to their favorite restaurant before, and make sure to bring all the drinks, snacks and sunscreen they need to stay comfy!

You don’t have to go trophy-hunting offshore to get them excited; small fish look huge to kids, and you will want to go where they have a better chance of action. The squeal and joy of their first catch is priceless. Take your kids to a nearby body of water where they can catch bass all day long, preferably somewhere easily accessible where you can make it a weekly activity. Any local ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks or bays are hard to beat for developing a young one’s fishing skills.

In terms of gear, you will want to get your kids set up with durable equipment that is easy to use and gets them as close to the full fishing experience as their skill set will allow. The rod should be just long enough for little ones to handle with ease, and tough enough to withstand inevitable drops and dings. A 3-4 foot rod with a sturdy material like fiberglass or composite is usually the best way to go. Tangle free rods with a line that runs inside the shaft are perfect for toddlers. The push-button “spincast” design is great for kids in the 4 to 6 range as they work on their casting technique. For kids 7 and older, feel free to let them fish with the real deal if they are skilled enough. In terms of bait, simple methods such as using worms with bobbers are great for their easy setup and use.

If your schedule is packed or you would rather have your kids taught by a professional, kid-friendly charter trips like the ones offered on Captain Experiences are excellent for showing your kids the basics. Simply go to the website, search for your location and browse through hundreds of trips to find the one that looks best. We recommend using the filters to only show results for beginner skill levels. Some trips are even marked “kid-friendly,” although most trips under beginner skill level should be great for kids of all ages. Once you find your trip, click “Learn More,” fill out your group size, duration and start time, and click “Reserve Now.” Enter your payment info for the deposit on the next screen and your trip is reserved! From there, Captain Experiences will keep you updated on your trip until you’re out on the water.

There is no need to hassle with buying the right gear, teaching your kids to fish, and untangling lines. At Captain Experiences, you will find quality, vetted guides that handle everything for you- just show up at the docks with your kids in tow, and get ready for a great day on the water. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two too!

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