Tween and Teen Clothes

Tween and Teen Clothes

And just like that, they are tweens and teenagers. The reality is that they grow up so fast. We vividly remember the first day they came home from the hospital, bundled up in the swaddle that we had just learned to perfect in the previous 48 hours at the hospital. We live through the highs and lows of the baby stages, from eating solids, sleep training, their first step and growth milestones. Then, they are off to the first day of pre-school with their little backpacks and lunchboxes and we dress them in the cutest outfits that we can find.

Now, in the blink of an eye, they are are experiencing growth spurts of 2-3 inches every year, going through puberty and they may even be as tall as us, if not taller. We need to learn to let go and it's their turn to showcase their own style. From casual, trusted hoodie sweatshirts to dressier girls dresses, at this stage, tweens and teenagers are starting to assert their independence and their own style. Some kids just know what feels comfortable on them and they will wear the same outfit all season long until they grow out of it. Others are driven by social trends, their friends and classmates and their choice of dress allows them to find their own voice. We are certainly all too aware of the phases we all went through as teens to help us represent our social-emotional state. Let us not forget such stages as the preppy, goth, flannel, punk and Madonna phases.

As kids enter the tween and teen years, they are starting to develop their own sense of style and certainly don't want you to dress them anymore. As parents, we can control what we buy for them, but when the kids are scrambling to grab something to wear in the morning, sometimes the easiest is just to grab what's on top of the pile. Sometimes, we're lucky if it's clean. So, let's fill their closets with dependable, cool outfits and essentials that will all work well together.

Find a wide variety of cool tween and teen modern kids clothing brands that focus on teen style to create versatile and trendy outfits. A few of our favorite tween and teen brands include Imoga, North Face, Helly Hansen, Munster KidsBella Dahl, Maaji, Nellystella, Roxy, Splendid and Habitual Kid. These brands are guided by stylish trends, design, comfort and durability to create versatile styles for trendy and active kids.

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