Take the Kids Swimming | How to Prepare for a Relaxing Beach Day

Take the Kids Swimming | How to Prepare for a Relaxing Beach Day

Kids swimsuits, rashguards and cover-ups in a variety of kids brands, vibrant colors and prints. Find adorable kids styles including the ruffle girls bikinis in neon and pink and orange with oversized ruffles at the top and bottom that will be fun to wear at the pool or beach and an array of girls’ swimsuits ranging from halter girl bikinis to surf suits. Find classic style one-piece swimsuits for a great fit. High neck styles provide a sporty fit and ensures all day kids comfort. The swimwear collection features bright and colorful styles of girls swimsuits to wear all season long.Picture this: You can feel the warm sun soaking into your skin while your toes dig into the soft sand. You take a deep breath and can smell the salty ocean air. Then you take a sip of your favorite summertime beverage and feel immediately refreshed. Doesn’t this sound lovely? Let’s make this relaxing image a reality! In order to prepare for an epic beach day, there are a few key steps you have to take beforehand. Packing for the beach may seem intimidating at first, but do not fret, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your favorite beach bag and let’s get started! 

The most important item needed for an epic beach day is a stylish and comfortable swimsuit. Our Rylee and Cru Ruffle Starfish swimsuit and our RVCA Rodger Board Shorts are some of our many great options. If your child has sensitive skin, requires extra sun protection, or simply runs a little chilly, a rashguard is a notable option. Our Maaji Odyssey Girls Rashguard Swim Set and our Hatley Cool T-Rex Baby Boys Rashguard Swim Set provide further protection and insulation so your youngster can have more fun in the sun. The second most important item you’ll need for a sunny (or cloudy) beach day is sun screen. An SPF of 30 or higher is recommended for optimal UV protection. Make sure to apply at least a half hour before sun exposure and to reapply after swimming or every two hours.  And don’t forget your lip balm with SPF; sunburnt lips are not a souvenir you’d like to bring home from the seaside! A beach hat is also a necessity to keep the sun off of your child’s face. Some great options are our Roxy Pina Kid’s Hat, Feather 4 Arrow Suns Out Bucket Hat, or our North Face Sun Buster Hat.

Next, pack up some fun beach toys, an umbrella, beach chairs, and some towels. Does your little sidekick like to play in the water? Try out a boogie board! There is no greater fun than catching that wave just right, and cruising into shore. We recommend equipping a life jacket or some floaties if your child isn’t a pro swimmer yet. You can’t be too careful when it comes to keeping your mini safe in the water. We also can’t forget to pack some sandwiches, yummy snacks, and refreshing drinks! It’s so important to keep your little ones hydrated in the warm weather. 

After an incredible day, the sun is starting to dip lower into the sky, signaling it’s time to pack up to leave the beach. You gather all of the sand toys which are now scattered along the water's edge, clean them off, and put them back in the bag they traveled in. It’s getting cooler and it’s time for your child to throw on their favorite beach cover-up for the car ride home. Our Hatley Cotton Candy Cover Up, Stella Cove Starfish & Anchor Cover Up, and Snapper Rock White Beach Cover Up are such cute options that they have us craving those long summer days. If your youngster tends to run on the chilly side, a cozy sweatshirt might be called for. Our Wheat Hulk Sweatshirt and our Huxbaby Tigress Sweatshirt have us feeling all snuggly and warm in the cooler sunset air. You take one last look back at the ocean, and realize time at the beach is never wasted.

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