Nantucket Summer by Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott

Poetry Series - "Nantucket Summer" by Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott

As this school year comes to a close, we race towards summer with a pent up fervor for spending time with family and friends, longer days, time outdoors and simply put, emerging into the light of day. We thirst for summers past at the beach, family cookouts and all of summer's delights. 

As part of our poetry series, we present a delightful rhyme, "Nantucket Summer" from the poetry collection, "Cobblestones & Ice Cream Cones" by Katharine Stanley-Brown Abbott.

Let us enjoy this summer and cherish our time with family and friends. The kids are a year older and it's been a while since we've gone out, dressed up and had meaningful and enriching interactions with family and friends. The traffic is back, for sure, but let's plan out this summer before summer's end and play catch up with life.

The technology and virtual medium works, but nothing can replace that smile, that laugh or that hug.

Have a great summer!

Nantucket Summer

Flip-flops flopping, tourists shopping,
Bunnies hopping up and down.
Popcorn popping, traffic stopping,
it’s summer in Nantucket town.
Children swimming, kiteboards skimming,
tourists turning golden brown.
Swimmers splashing, Brant Point flashing,
it’s summer in Nantucket town.
All too swiftly summer’s gone,
how quickly time did fly.
It’s Labor Day already
and time to say goodbye.
Summer folks are packing up,
restaurants closing down,
but surely we’ll be back next year
for summer in Nantucket town!

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