SSAT Vocabulary List

If your child will be taking the SSAT or equivalent standardized test, a vocabulary list can be very helpful towards improving your child's performance on the SSAT. The SSAT is a standardized test that is used by many independent schools to assess a student's academic potential and readiness for the rigors of a high school curriculum.

A strong vocabulary is essential for success in high school and beyond, as it allows one to communicate effectively, understand complex texts, and express oneself clearly. Studying SSAT vocabulary can also help build confidence and reduce test anxiety, as your child will feel more prepared and comfortable with the test material. Overall, investing time and effort into studying SSAT vocabulary can be a valuable step towards achieving one's academic goals and future success.



We are compiling a list of SSAT vocabulary through our "Word of the Day" series for our children. We hope that, each day, you will take a few quick moments to review and use a word of the day with your child. Over time, they will develop a strong vocabulary and be ready for high school and beyond.

    • advent - the arrival of, the coming of
    • emerge - to come out from, to appear
    • substantiate - to prove something
    • distinctive - unique, special
    • optimistic - thinking positively
    • conundrum - a confusing problem
    • prerogative - a right, entitlement
    • contradiction - saying the opposite
    • detrimental - harmful
    • envy / envious - jealous
    • evacuate - to leave
    • hardship - tough times
    • idealism / ideal - perfection and perfect situation
    • illuminate - to shine or light up
    • liberate - to free
    • moral - do good and do the right thing
    • nonchalant - done without caring, not careful
    • obsolete - outdated, doesn’t exist anymore
    • petrify / petrified - (1) to be scared, or (2) turn to stone
    • protagonist - the main character and usually the good person in a story
    • queasy - nauseous
    • restore - to return back to the way it was, to fix
    • reveal - to make it known, to show what it is
    • salvage - to save and preserve