Kids Clothes Subscription Shopping Service - Form

Kids Clothes Subscription and On-Demand Shopping Service

Make shopping for the kids easier with our Subscription Box and On-Demand Shopping Service

  • We offer a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual subscription box service for $25 per box and will automatically send a selection of curated items and outfits based on the frequency, number, clothing types, brands, budget, etc. that you designate below.

  • Subscribers can text, call or email, at any time, our dedicated on-demand shopping staff with requests for clothing items, i.e., a cool boys sweater for a 5 year old or a classic baby coat for a baby gift. We will make a selection and ship out all items within one business day.

  • Stylists are available to via videoconference to preview any selection with members before shipping, if requested.

  • All items purchased through our subscription box program are returnable per our return policy and a free return label is enclosed in all packages for your convenience.

  • Please email us at to sign up and start your service.