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Velveteen - Spring Arrivals

Enter a marvelous world of wonder with Velveteen’s latest collection. Velveteen’s Spring / Summer 2020 inspiration is inspired by adventure by paying homage to childhood, think museum school trips and packed lunches. You will find remnants of Spring sprinkled throughout this collection, starting with the classic pink gingham print. The Ginny Girls Dress plays with a structured silhouette while still offering a sweet and soft shape by adding layered frills and ruffles. Another fan favorite print you will see this season from Velveteen is a pink floral, from the dresses to the baby sets. Of course we cannot forget the luxurious gradient lamé in purple and pink that is beautiful as displayed by the Dionne Girls Shirt.

Velveteen does not shy away from detail. Some delicate designs featured this season are gold foil chevrons, graphic glitter dots, intricate beading, fine embroidery, floral prints, textured embellishments and bold colors. The Spring/Summer color palette plays with a variety of high contrasting colors including vibrant hues such as beetroot purple, limelight, and angel blue with subtle earth tones such as loganberry, café crème, and rosewood.

Velveteen’s Spring/Summer collection will take you on a journey of discovery all while celebrating global perspective and international influence, something the brand embodies season after season. So here’s to the explorers whose curiosity fuels them, to the collectors who are fascinated with history, and to the storytellers who find responsibility to pass it all on.

We hope you enjoy the latest collection by Velveteen.

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