Recycle, Reuse Gently Worn Kids Clothes

Mini Ruby Revive

In an effort to reduce global waste and promote reuse, we are pleased to announce Mini Ruby Revive, a program in which customers can trade-in gently worn items originally purchased from Mini Ruby Contemporary Childrenswear for a 15% credit towards the purchase of new items.

At Mini Ruby, we carefully source a collection of high-quality, durable kids clothing that can be worn and re-worn. As our kids grow, we often try to hand down our kids' clothes or donate them, but frequently used clothes are just discarded. Now with Revive, customers at Mini Ruby have another option. 

Please read through the program's Terms and Conditions and email us with any questions. We hope that you will find Revive a useful way to reduce waste and protect our natural resources.

Reduce, Reuse, and Revive.


    • Seema Vattan

      Revive is awesome! Finally I can do something with my son’s clothes from last year. I wish this was around when Hari (now 15) was growing up.

    • Cheryl Yannis

      Love this!

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