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Dungeons & Dragons at StartPlaying Games - Family Game Night

Picture this. 

You’re working late at home while your partner is relaxing after a long day of work. Your kids are either running amok or have tucked themselves away in their bedrooms. 

Sound familiar?

The truth is that even though technology offers so many ways for us to connect with one another, it provides us with even more things to distract us from what should matter most – family. One tried and true way families have maintained a connection with one another throughout busy work weeks is by having family game night.

Now, when you think of family game night, you might imagine pulling boxes of board games from a closet and sitting down to play Monopoly, Memory, Clue, or Catan, but tabletop gaming is a wide, wide world with a lot to offer, including role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

You probably grew up around Dungeons & Dragons and the game is experiencing somewhat of a Golden Age right now. It’s been referenced in popular shows like Stranger Things and promoted by celebrities.

Dungeons & Dragons is a game of imagination where players take on the role of adventurers who would fit in with the heroes of The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings: wizards, thieves, fighters and more. They play these characters and work with the other players to create a fantasy story that is aided by the Dungeon Master, a player who manages the game world, non-player characters, and challenges the other players face. The game uses dice to decide the outcome of many challenges, and more experienced characters have a higher probability of success. 

There are many things about Dungeons & Dragons that make it an ideal game for families to play together. Primarily, the game offers time for bonding and the ability to strengthen relationships. Unlike many board games where players are pitted against one another to win or lose, players in Dungeons & Dragons work together to accomplish common goals. In addition to bonding time, Dungeons & Dragons can give families an opportunity to practice things like problem solving, conflict resolution and empathy within the safe confines of an imaginary world.

If you would like to play Dungeons & Dragons, but don’t know where to start, click here at StartPlaying.Games to start. They offer a platform to connect players with over 300 professional dungeon masters who can help you learn the game and guide you and your family on quests to new worlds where you might recover ancient artifacts, thwart nefarious villains, or befriend and aid strange creatures. Some of their dungeon masters, like RJ Cresswell, are teachers who run Dungeons & Dragons clubs for kids and students and have connected with people through StartPlaying.Games to run sessions for families and groups of kids. RJ even runs sessions to teach people how to start their own Dungeons & Dragons games, so if you want to make Dungeons & Dragons part of your game night...

Click here at StartPlaying.Games to set up a time for your family.

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