Carpe Diem - It's Summer!

July 01, 2016

Carpe diem, seize the day! Sometimes we have to stop ourselves and take stock of our busy lives and realize now is the time to step away from work, grab the swimsuits and hit the beach! The kids are surely having the time of their lives this summer; no school, summer activities, sweet treats... what else could they need?

We remember (they say memories start at age 4, right?) our childhood summers and experiences fondly and the time we spent with our family and friends, and as parents, we try to recreate the same feelings, maybe ever broader, better, different, more meaningful.

Beach technology does not change much from one generation to the next. It's still the open water, sand, swimsuits, buckets and pails and sandcastles. The ice cream and popsicles are still the same, okay, well, this generation has gone organic, so even better. 

We can't stop them from growing up, so now is the time to enjoy summer with the kids, create new experiences and memories and cherish this time with them.

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