Featuring ADD Down Jackets

The weather has started to turn in this part of the world and we've been looking into our closets for last year's vests and outerwear to see if they still fit. It's about this time of year that we start thinking about outerwear that will last throughout the season. Last year in Boston, we had record snowfall, something close to a cumulative 110" or so of snow. I recall 4 weeks in a row of school cancellations. More often than not, we wait until the last minute and then our sizes are either sold out or not in the colors that we envisioned.

This season, Mini Ruby is featuring a wide variety of outerwear and we would like to highlight the ADD Down collection. These jackets are from Italy and so beautifully made with the finest fabrics. ADD Down's jackets are 100% Down and feature ultralight fabrics, are downproof and water repellent. They also have full hoods, which is key to staying warm, and zippered pockets. Our kids will be very warm in these jackets and yet still have the ability to run around, ski, go sledding and play in the snow. Take a look at our ADD Down collection. You'll love them as much as we do.

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