It's Back To School for Us All

Well, it was a beautiful summer and a relatively mild one in this part of the world, compared to years past.  That didn't stop us from enjoying plenty of water activities, time spent outside and ice cream cones.  Out on the streets in Boston, all of the college kids are back in full form and ready to tackle another academic year.  It brings back a lot of memories seeing these kids with their parents shopping for their dorm rooms, although you don't see a lot of lava lamps and bookshelf stereos these days.  For my own kids, we were picking up some stationery supplies, 3-ring binders, mechanical pencils and our local branch of a very popular superstore said that today was the busiest and best performing day of all of their stores in the country.  Perhaps it's because, at least from what I heard, that there are approximately 120 colleges and universities in the Greater Boston area.  This town is a mecca for education and all of the educational resources and talent abounds.  

After Labor Day, everyone starts to get serious.  We're getting ready for the early morning rush and commute, the after-school activities, sports, homework, etc..  My kids are so excited to start school and meet their new teachers and friends. A new school year will be a new experience for them and for us.  We wish everyone a wonderful Back-to-School season.

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