Beau Loves - Fall / Winter 2015

Beau Loves will be available August 27!  Mini Ruby is adding a full line-up of Beau Loves for the Fall / Winter 2015 Season. This beloved brand from the UK, is a gender neutral, where possible, brand from London that is quirky, adventurous, fun, stylish and creative with a little edge. We love the clean-line combinations of graphics and colors and we fully support gender neutral clothing and brands that aim to break down traditional gender roles and stereotypes. This season Beau Loves has designed baby onesies, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, leggings, and dresses with hearts wearing bandit masks, open mouths bearing teeth, mini masks and gold circles. 

Forget cutesy pink hearts and butterflies.  Move over Monarchs and Painted Ladies, let's give our butterflies a black mask.  As an aside, I am so mystified by the Owl Butterfly. Have you seen these? The butterflies have a pair of owl-like eyes on their wings used to ward off predators! Is there a relationship between owls and butterflies?  You must visit a butterfly garden to see these beautiful creatures.  Nature is truly magical and mysterious.

Back to Beau Loves. This brand uses super soft cotton and pima cotton jersey and other ‘carbon neutral’ materials and is designed and made in London. Take a look at our Beau Loves collection.


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