Nice Things Mini - Solar System Themes

We are "over the moon" to bring you Nice Things Mini's Fall/Winter 2015 Collection of solar system themed clothes for girls. When we saw this collection, we had to add this to Mini Ruby's line-up. It is so hard to find themes, and not limited to clothing, based on science and astronomy made for girls. No wonder society has a certain bias towards males, and conversely bias against females, in the math and science fields, as exhibited by Larry Summers' comments in the not too distant past.  We are going to raise and educate the next generation of girls who will show you that little girls are not just "sugar and spice and everything nice." But I digress...

Let's expand our options for girls.  Nice Things Mini, from Barcelona, has created an expertly made line of clothing this season just for girls and baby girls, featuring Saturn, the planets and the solar system.  This may spark some interest and encourage the study of science and the natural world.  If you don't already, your kids might make you turn to "Science Fridays" on NPR soon.  Take a look at Nice Things Mini.

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