Mini & Maximus Fall / Winter 2015 Collection

Our Mini & Maximus Fall/Winter 2015 Collection is in and we are so excited to be offering a full line-up of Mini & Maximus pieces this season. We love the speech bubble T-shirt and sweatshirt. Our children should always feel comfortable speaking, asking questions and expressing themselves. The contrast sleeves give the sweatshirt that warm and fuzzy feeling that everyone loves. Pair it with the adorable Mixed-Up Leggings for a very unique and stylish look. Mini & Maximus continues their signature Never Grow Up print on t-shirts, sweatshirts and baby onesies and continues to try to encourage kids to be kids and not grow up too fast. We love Mini & Maximus because they design for kids and try to incorporate style, comfort and above all, personality, into their pieces. Please visit our Mini & Maximus section and enjoy.


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