Nellystella at Mini Ruby

This season, we are so pleased to be offering a collection of Nellystella dresses at Mini Ruby! When we saw this collection of beautifully made, imaginative and creative dresses, we had to add this to Mini Ruby's line up. From the custom and hand-painted prints and embroidery, we just can't find this level of detail for our little girls these days.

We love Nellystella's signature Chloe dress, a full A-line dress full of the twirl factor and tiny tassels on the sleeves in a contrasting color for extra sweetness. We are also in love with the Claudia dress, that is so contemporary in its stylings and the color combinations are gorgeous. A little secret, moms have purchased this one for themselves to wear as a top. How cool is that. The special occasion line, the LOVE collection, is beautiful with designs that are unique and fabrics and colors that are contemporary and sweet.

Before you know it, our girls will be going to college and certainly won't let us dress them anymore, so we revel and cherish these times and dressing up our girls in these fine dresses brings us and them such joy.

Last but not least, we want to mention that Nelly Chen, the designer, is so creative with meticulous attention to detail and a pleasure to work with, and so we are delighted to support her and her passion.

We invite you to explore the wonderful designs by Nellystella.

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